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If you prefer a temperate weather environment, beautiful beaches, breath taking sunsets, country or city settings, active or passive lifestyles ... you will be thrilled to discover Newport has it all.  For many years folks in search of a slower paced, high quality life style have been discovering this true gem of a community. Located in Lincoln County at approximately 150' above sea level and boasting a population of 10,400 from the last census. Newport is 130 miles from the Portland airport.  However, it also boast its own airport with daily flights in and out of the Portland airport.

With tourism, fishing and wood products being Newports primary industries it should be no surprise that there are more than 80 restaurants —ranging from four-star dining to quaint family run cafes and it is hard to walk through the historic Bay Front without stopping to enjoy some fresh crab or taste the chowders!  Not only will you be well fed in Newport but with more than 1,500 rooms - you will also find the perfect place to stay. Newport's lodging includes luxurious resorts, a wide variety of hotels and motels, quaint bed & breakfasts, hostels, YURTS (Year-round Universal Recreational Tents), RV parks and camping.

 While you are there chances are you will also enjoy the year round mild maritime climate. The annual average temperature is a comfortable 52 degrees. Summers tend to be between 60-72degrees, Fall arrives with 55-75 degrees, Winter drops down to 42-52 degrees and Spring comes in with temperatures of 55-65 degrees.
Annual Average Rainfall is only 68 inches


In 1856, Yaquina Bay was visited by the sailing vessel Calumet, laden with supplies for Lieutenant Phil Sheridan and the nearby military garrison.

In 1862 the Yaquina Bay Oyster Beds were discovered which resulted in exporting the coveted edibles to San Francisco and elsewhere for generous profits.  In 1864, Yaqina Bay was open to settlement and soon after that resorts were opened and visitors began pouring in. In 1882, Newport was incorporated and the community was considered a premier tourist destination on the Oregon Coast.
Newport's subsequently developed 4 additional areas

    * The Historic Bayfront
    * Nye Beach
    * Highway 101 Corridor
    * South Beach


Newport's first tourist destination resort was built by Sam Case in 1866.  It was called  Ocean House a name he chose from his love of a resort in Newport, Rhode Island.   He would later go on to coin the name Newport as well fro the entire town. At the time of its incorporation, Newport was a small village nestled in the area around the Ocean House. By the Ocean House were many smaller resorts which attracted tourists to Yaquina Bay. In those times visitors most commonly traveled to Newport by train from the Willamette Valley to Yaquina City, located approximately three miles east of Newport on Yaquina Bay. From Yaquina City they then boarded a ferry that navigated down the Yaquina Bay to Newport. Just getting to Newport was quite an adventure!

When one strolls along the Bay Front you cannot help but notice the colorful fishing boats and fishermen clomp down the sidewalks in their big rubber boots and wet weather gear. However, the large scale development of a seafood industry, which one sees today, did not begin until 1908 when electricity (essential for refrigeration) became available. In addition, jetties had to be built and and dredging completed to allow this area to become what it is today.  The famous Yaquina Head Lighthouse also played a large role in making Yaquina Bay an attractive and a safe shipping port. The Newport Bayfront in some ways is like a smaller version of San Francisco's Fishermans Wharf.  It is a "working" part of the community and is home to Oregon's largest commercial fishing fleet. The Bayfront is also enjoyed out by local residents and visitors alike for its fine restaurants, hotels, galleries and shops. Children and adults alike can walk out on the piers and watch sea lions up close as they sun bathe, bark, and vie endlessly with each other for coveted space on the floating piers they commandeer as private sun decks.  Ripleys Believe it Or Not, The Wax Museum, A Floating Aquarium, Street Musicians - it is all here to enjoy.


A delightful beach town located along the ocean's edge with beautiful lighthouses gracing its north and south boundaries.  At one time in the late 1800's Nye Beach was separated by the Bay Front until in the 1890's a simple wood plank road was built to connect the two areas. When Newport began to outgrow the Bayfront in the 1890's, a wood plank road was constructed connecting the two. By the early 1900's, Nye Beach had established itself  as the number one tourist attraction on the coast!  Visitors came for the  salt water taffy stores, concessions, agate shops and penny arcades as well as for the chance to frolic at the ocean and stay in the quaint cottages or larger resorts.
Nye Beach continues to be a major draw for tourists and locals alike who love the variety of eclectic shops, wonderful restaurants and galleries.


Driving down the wide lanes of Hwy 101 today, it is difficult to imagine that until the 1920's, travel along the coast by car was a trek along dirt roads and even traversing beaches at low tide. It wasn't until there was the threat of World War 1, that advocates of a coastal highway argued that road construction was essential for military protection.  As a result of the efforts,  the Roosevelt Military Highway was ultimately built county by county along the Oregon coast from 1919 to 1936.

It is interesting to note that in 1936 the completion of the Yaquina Bay Bridge occurred.  More than just a highly visible and recognizable landmark; the bridge did a great deal more than simply speed up travel. It changed the direction of development in Newport. With the ferry was no longer necessary, the Bayfront lost its role as a center of tourism. Thus, after the Yaquina Bay Bridge was built
business development centered along Highway 101 instead. Many merchants seeing more opportunity on the Hwy #101 corridor moved their businesses from Nye Beach and the Bay Front thus began the development of the Art Deco District City Center.


Originally home of the Salish Indians. Here they lived, hunted and fished in the South Beach area. South Beach was first connected to Newport by a ferry that Lemuel E. Davis, the first Euro-American to settle there in 1866 installed.  The ferry service brought tourists, campers, and sport fishermen to the area. He also profited by renting them boats for sight seeing and fishing. Economic growth for South Beach occurred again during World War II with the construction of an airport by the federal government for defense purposes in 1943. In 1947, it was again spurred forward by a dock that was built by a Toledo lumber company.  You will recognize it today as the South Beach Marina.   

South Beach South Beach, an unincorporated area, is considered an extension of Newport. Today, South Beach is the home of the Oregon Coast Aquarium - Newports #1 tourist destination along with the Port of Newport Marina and RV Park, Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center, Rogue Brewing, eateries, shops, and more.

Newport is also home to many artists who willingly share their talents, creations and visions. Newport has developed a vibrant arts community of working artists, talented young people, exuberant volunteers and dedicated audiences. Together they produce a year-round season of theatre, music, dance, exhibitions, readings and lectures. From Circus Biserkus, a youth touring troupe, to the splendid Yaquina Chamber Orchestra, there is something for everyone.


Location, location, location... Centrally located on the Oregon Coast and serving as County Seat for Lincoln County, Newport offers its residents many other advantages in addition to its scenic bay, ocean and forested vistas.  For instance there is the first class shopping, schools and health care facilities, an airport with instrument landing technology, an international port facility which supports an active sport and commercial fishing fleet, beautiful parks, responsive city services and homes of exceptional quality and value.

Affordable housing makes the Newport area an attractive location for families and businesses. Real estate prices average below the national median, and many outstanding values can be found in Newport and the surrounding areas of Lincoln County.   With the many living options available 
from vintage cottage style to luxurious custom built homes, from condominiums to manufactured homes, from retirement communities to small acreages kedtuc away in the quiet rural countryside. All share surprising affordability, especially when compared to coastal communities in California and Washington.

The Newport area offers unique ocean, bay and river properties with dramatic sandy beaches, striking rocky shorelines, hillsides with colorful landscapes and panoramic viewing vistas. A variety of properties can be found and chances are good that you will discover the one that is perfect for you!

As you may have gathered, once bitten by the beauty and lifestyle afforded on the Central Oregon Coast one's next stop is often a local real estate office to find out what is available in terms of beach homes, cottages, condos and coastal properties in the vicinity of Lincoln City, Oregon. As a top producing real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Gesik, John Iwamura provides buyers and sellers with the expertise necessary to complete successful real estate transactions.  Clients appreciate his extensive knowledge of real estate, life style and resources in Lincoln City as well as the surrounding towns on the Central Coast.John Iwamura will help you find the right beach home in the area that best suits your needs.

Many beach properties on the Central Oregon Coast have been cherished and held by the same families for generations.  Each succeeding generation putting its stamp on it in terms of upgrades and improvements.  John, will alert you as soon as a home comes on the market that matches your criteria.  In addition,  there are usually a generous variety of homes offered for sale including waterfront,  water view properties, lots, new construction, investment properties, golf course homes, condos ranging modest abodes to world class luxury.

When the time is right for you to buy or sell real estate in or around Newport, Oregon, please let John Iwamura and Oregon Coast Dream Homes help you find the home or property of your dreams. Contact John Iwamura and Oregon Coast Dream Homes today!

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