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The Northern Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast forms the western border of the state, and stretches approximately 363 miles from the Columbia River in the north to the Oregon–California state border in the south. It includes the entire coastline of Oregon, including the Columbia River Estuary. What is paramount about the Oregon Coast is that in 1967 a bill was passed called the Oregon Beach Bill and it gave free beach access to everyone!  This Bill allows private beach landowners to retain certain beach land rights, but it removes the property tax obligation of the beach landowner. In exchange, the beach landowner grants an easement passage to pedestrians. The Beach Bill grants a public access easement on the beach that cannot be taken away by the landowner nor can the landowner build on the beach.

The Oregon coastline is truly worth exploring.  From rugged cliffs to evergreen forests to nearly Sahara inspired dunes, not to mention the endless sandy beaches.  Over 80 state parks and recreations areas can be enjoyed along the Oregon Coast.

Generally it is acknowledged that the Oregon Coast has three distinct areas each sporting its own local interests and regional history. There are no legal boundaries however, most Oregonians will tell you there is the North Coast (Columbia River to Neskowin), the Central Coast (Lincoln City to Florence) and the South Coast (Reedsport to the Oregon - California border.)

As one travels from Astoria in the north to Brookings in the south the shoreline provides an endless array of one-of-a -kind attractions.  There are positively enchanting towns with shops, galleries, historic lighthouses, stunning views of nature and of course the legendary seafood found on the Oregon Coast whether you dine at a Mom & Pop Café or a fancy restaurant. 

If one were to start their journey in Astoria located at the northern tip of Oregon along the coast you would discover a smallish city of about 10,000 people.  These fortunate folks are surrounded by gorgeous mountains, green forests, 3 rivers and the Pacific Ocean.  Nick named “Little San Francisco” of the Pacific West because of its steep hills housing lovely Victorian homes and a revitalized 1920's era downtown.

There is significant history in the Astoria & Warrenton area.  First of all it is considered to be the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies and secondly it forms the western end of the Lewis and Clark Trail.

As one continues south along Highway 101 you will soon come upon Gearhart . This small peaceful village is just 3 miles north of Seaside. It has no traffic lights, wide streets for riding bikes, public tennis courts and a gorgeous pristine beach. The heart of Gerhart is brimming with antique shops, home & garden stores, excellent restaurants, a lovely art gallery and a really cool old fashioned grocery store.
Gearhart also has a claim to fame: The Gearhart Golf Links - the oldest golf course in the NorthWest and recently renovated.

Further down the Highway and near the mouth of the Columbia River os Seaside.  This resort town harks back to the mid 1800's and was the distinction of being Oregon’s first seashore resort.  Visitors love to walk along the 1.8 mile promenade that follows the wide sandy coastline and offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.  The beach at Seaside is great for many activities such as beach volleyball, kite flying, surf, kayak, beach BBQ, or bird watching and fishing.   Seaside was the last destination of Lewis and Clarks journey west.  Seaside is a very pedestrian friendly town with tons of shopping experiences and fabulous restaurants serving up local seafood, ethnic cuisine and Pacific North West Fare.

Lodging is plentiful and along with the traditional hotels and motels are Vacation Rental Homes available by the day, week and month as well as timeshares, condos, campgrounds B&B’s and RV Resorts.

A very popular town situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountain Range is Cannon Beach.  This town has a well developed down town and is a favorite among shoppers.  Fabulous galleries, exquisite apparel & jewelry and unique gift stores abound.  There is also a community theater and art exhibits and music events can be enjoyed year round.
The are itself is gifted with great beauty from the gorgeous forested headlands to the soaring monoliths and stretches of pristine sand beaches. Beach goers enjoy flying kites, beach combing, making bon fires or just walking the miles of sandy shoreline and enjoying the sounds and sights of surf and nature,
Natural attractions include Haystack Rock, Ecola State Park, the Bird Rocks, Silver Point and the Tillamook Rock lighthouse.  With generous stretches of beach to explore, state parks, wooded areas and plenty of hiking trails - Cannon Beach serves up a healthy serving of the great Oregon Coast Outdoors.  According to the book, America’s Best Beaches by Stephen Leatherman, the margin of sand bordering Cannon beach was rated Best Overall Beach in the entire state of Oregon!

Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler are three enchanting coastal towns located  south of Cannon Beach on the Pacific Ocean, Nehalem River and Nehalem Bay on the North Oregon Coast. The Nehalem Bay Area is 40 miles south of Astoria and 60 miles north of Lincoln City on Highway 101.
Manzanita is a picturesque sea side village with seven miles of spectacular wide sandy beach. There are also lovely shops and cafes to explore and indulge in!  Manzanita possesses the third most photographed scenery in Oregon.
Nahalem is a darling riverside town with a quaint downtown reflecting its century of history. Enjoy views of the Nehalem River, nearby mountains, forests and wildlife, the centerpiece of the Nehalem Bay Area experience.
Wheeler is nestled in the hills overlooking the beautiful Nehalem Bay, Neahkanie Mountain, and the Pacific Ocean, Wheeler claim to fame are its breathtaking sunsets and gorgeous rainbows.

Beautifully situated at Tillamook Bay is the small port town of Garibaldi. With the bay and harbor to the west and serene green mountains providing the backdrop. Visitors come here for the great fishing, fishing charters, crabbing, clamming, and other water sports.
To accommodate guests there are four motels located here, as well as RV parks, B & B’s, and vacation rentals. While the local population is only around 1000 there are still plenty of great places to dine and shops to browse. 
A vintage steam train originates its 5 hour route out of Garibaldi.  Passengers are privy to incredible views, stop for a waterside picnic lunch as well as a beach stop at Rockaway Beach.  More info on this experience can be found at  Rails North West.

Explore Pacific City, Oregon Real Estate



    Pacific City is the epitome of a true beach town.  With billowing beach grass blowing in the coastal breeze and sand up to many doorsteps!  Quaint shops, cafes and galleries featuring Oregonian artisans provide color to the landscape and are favorite haunts of locals and tourists alike.  Though only a 2 hour drive from Portland many choose to arrive by private planes landing on a small state owned (unattended) airport located in the very heart of Pacific City.

    There are wonderful lodging choices ranging from vacation beach homes available on a nightly basis to inns, motels & B&B’s or Rv Park.

    Pacific City is sited in South Tillamook County, Oregon. It  offer some of Oregon's best river and ocean fishing, kayaking, surfing, birding, bicycling and golfing. Primordial like Haystack Rock rises magnificently from the ocean floor just off of Cape Kiwanda and is probably one of the most photographed natural attractions. Surfers catch waves just to the north of Haystack Rock and small fishing dories ride through the surf to make shore.

    Pacific City is popular with those with a penchant for fishing.  There is a good size run of salmon in the Big Nestucca River located in the middle of town. In the winter there is a great steel head run.  For those that prefer hooking trout the Town Lake found on the northern edge of town keeps it well stocked during the spring and summer.  Ocean fisherman will find Huge Ling Cod and other bottom fish an easy catch in the surf.

    If you love Dungeness crab it is said they are quite plentiful and it seldom takes long to gather your daily limit!  Clams are another easy meal to gather up.  Bring a bucket, a fork or shovel and show up at a minus tide.  Be sure to have gotten the correct permits for any shellfish of fish you take and follow the regulations.

    Locals and visitors alike have discovered that by climbing to the top of the cape they become privy to one of the best spots to watch the whale migrations.  Best sightings in March and May and again in late fall.  However, you can also just pick out a spot on the beach and watch a changing show of seals, sea lions, otters and porpoises as they frolic and play in the waves.
    In addition to sea life there is a good chance you will also see deer, elk, racoons, possums and the resident bunnies found at the Cape Kiwanda RV Park.
    Also, lets not forget to mention our feathered friends who make their home in Pacific City such as the Bald Eagles, Pelicans, Puffins, Crows, Ravens, Herons, Ravens, Gulls and migrating Canadian Geese.

    If you area photography buff you may already know that the Pacific City area is one of the most widely photographed areas on the entire Oregon Coast. Nature is splendid here from the ocean to the wildlife, to the cape, to the native flora and fauna.  Add in the insanely beautiful sunsets framed by Haystack Rock and you will be busy clicking away!


    The beach is easy to access to Pacific City.  There are three major beach accesses.  To the south is Bob Straub Park.  Here you can explore the spit created by the Big Nestucca which has a pedestrian access only.  The central beach access is at the end of Pacific Ave and is also mainly used by foot traffic. The busiest and most popular access is the Cape Kiwanda Parking lot found at the northern end of Pacific City Beach.  Vehicles can drive down onto the beach, but be sure to keep an eye on the tides!  This area is also where the Cape Kiwanda Marine Gardens reside complete with fabulous tidal pools and cool sandstone formations.


Discover Pacific City and Oregon Coast Real Estate For Sale!

As you may have gathered, once bitten by the beauty and lifestyle afforded on the Central Oregon Coast one's next stop is often a local real estate office to find out what is available in terms of beach homes, cottages, condos and coastal properties in the vicinity of Pacific City, Oregon. As a top producing real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Gesik, John Iwamura provides buyers and sellers with the expertise necessary to complete successful real estate transactions.  Clients appreciate his extensive knowledge of real estate, life style and resources in Pacific City as well as the surrounding towns on the Central Coast.John Iwamura will help you find the right beach home in the area that best suits your needs.

Many beach properties on the Central Oregon Coast have been cherished and held by the same families for generations.  Each succeeding generation putting its stamp on it in terms of upgrades and improvements.  John, will alert you as soon as a home comes on the market that matches your criteria.  In addition,  there are usually a generous variety of homes offered for sale including waterfront,  water view properties, lots, new construction, investment properties, golf course homes, condos ranging modest abodes to world class luxury.

When the time is right for you to buy or sell real estate in or around Pacific City, Oregon, please let John Iwamura and Oregon Coast Dream Homes help you find the home or property of your dreams. Contact John Iwamura and Oregon Coast Dream Homes today!

If you would like to expand your property search to other nearby beach communities John Iwamura can help you from Yachats on the southern tip of Lincoln City to Oceanside in Tillamook County. Ask John Iwamura and Oregon Coast Dream Homes about homes for sale, ocean front, ocean view, lakeside, riverside properties in nearby communities, such as Oceanside, Pacific City, Neskowin, Depoe Bay, Newport, Lincoln City, Waldport, Yachats, Roads End, Devils Lake, Central Oregon Coast, Lincoln County, Neotsu, Siletz River, Taft, Drift Creek, Schooner Creek, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach, Salishan, South Beach, Seal Rock, Coronado Shores, Belhaven, Bayview Estates, Otter Rock, Bella Beach, Olivia Beach, Indian Shores, Little Whale Cove, Cascade Head, Otis, Sahhali Shores and much more.

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